Online Marketing

At Metazone we focus on all aspects of a web page, and part of making it successful starts at the Web Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

To be visible, is to be found!

Metazone’s SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) division is eager to assist you, with the latest techniques in this field, further promoting your services and or products. It is the natural extension of having a well performing web-site, and will increase your ranking and your business.

SEM consists of various disciplines, of which the most well-know are SEO search-engine optimization, PPC or pay per click (Google ads) , SMM social media marketing.

Pay Per Click or adwords
PPC is an online advertising system, by which you can bid a price per “keyword” that is relevant to your industry, and your company ! The higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will appear! These are usually on the right hand side or on top of the page; they are also called sponsored links. The more popular the keyword is the more expensive it get’s, every time someone “clicks” on your advertisement, you will pay a fee to the search engine company! You can limit your budget, and install other parameter before you launch your campaign, our team will gladly optimize your ROI in these matters!

Social Media Marketing
Today’s world is a Facebook world. A Twitter world. Social media websites have become an integral part of our culture – and business owners are taking note. With 400 million active users, Facebook is the largest single web site in most countries, capturing 1/4 of all time spent online. If your company wants to reach your target audience, influence their behavior and market products or services in an effective way, it’s time to communicate with them in their preferred medium. It’s time to consider social media marketing.